SMA Nitinol Wire

SMA Nitinol Wire
SMA Nitinol Wire SMA Nitinol Wire SMA Nitinol Wire

SMA Nitinol Wire

 SMA Nitinol Wires


Nickel Titanium Specification


Nickel Titanium (also known as Nitinol or NiTi) is in the unique class of shape memory alloys. A thermoelastic martensitic 

phase transformation in the material is responsible for its extraordinary properties.


Nitinol alloys are typically made of 55%-56% Nickel and 44%-45% Titanium. Small changes in composition can significantly

impact the properties of the material. There are the primary categories of Nitinol. 


The first, known as "SuperElastic", is characterized by extraordinary recoverable strains and resistance. 

The second category, "Shape Memory" alloys, is valued for the Nitinol's capacity to recover a pre-set shape


when heated above its transformation temprature. The first category is often used for orthodontics (braces, wires, etc) and eyeglasses.  We make shape memory alloys, which are primarily useful for actuators, used in many different mechanical devices.

Application of Nitinol 

· Free Recovery: nitinol is deformed at a low temperature, and heated to recover its original shape.

· Constrained Recovery: The same, except that recovery is rigidly prevented, and thus a stress is generated.

· Work Production: Here the alloy is allowed to recover, but to do so it must act against a force (thus doing work).

· Superelasticity: As discussed above, here the nitinol acts as a super spring

· Due to the fact it can change shapes it is also used as a golf club 

 · Nickel titanium can be used to make the underwires for underwire bras


The advantage of Nitinol material is different from other materials


Shape memory wire 

Nitinol has characterstic of being able to return to previously manufactured shape when it is heated to a transition temperature

range . 


Elastic Orthodontic Wire

Compared with stainless steel Nitinol wire has an out standing elasticity which is used for orthodontic applications 


Detail picture of Ni-Ti wire 

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